The Top 10 Interview Questions In College Sports

By Dr. Howard Gauthier

Phillip was extremely nervous as he prepared for his upcoming interview.  He’s been a marketing director for an NCAA Division II athletics department for the previous three years and now has an interview for the same position at a lower level Division I institution.  When he was invited for the interview, he began conducting research into the interview process.  In his research, Phillip found a list of the top 10 interview questions that are typically asked during an interview for a position within an athletics department.  He has listed these questions below.

  1. “Walk me through your resume” or “Tell me about yourself”.
  2. What are your strengths?  Weaknesses?
  3. What is your management style?
  4. Why do you want to leave your current position?
  5. What is it about our institution that interests you? (Why do you want to work for our institution?)
  6. What is the purpose of athletics on a college campus?
  7. What is your coaching philosophy (for a coaching position)?
  8. What are your career goals?
  9. What would your last supervisor say about you?
  10. Why should we hire you?

Phillip has always been very organized and prepared.  In his preparations for this upcoming interview, he has written out the answers to each of the interview questions above.  He has practiced reciting these answers and now feels confident that he can deliver the answers both clearly and with enthusiasm.  He has gone so far as to dress in his interview attire and practice rehearsing his answers.  He is extremely professional and wants to come across as such.  He knows that proper preparation is one of the keys to having a successful interview.  He remembers reading that ultimately the job will go to the candidate who is prepared and who effectively executes the basics of the job interview process.  In all you do, you will want to EXECUTE FOR SUCCESS!

Howard Gauthier is an Associate Professor of Athletic Administration at Idaho State University.  He is a former collegiate athletic director and collegiate basketball coach.  He is also an author of 9 books.  Check out his new book, Getting Hired In College Sports – 2nd Edition at


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