Organizing Your Job Search Campaign

By Dr. Howard Gauthier

Editor’s Note:  The Coffee House Mentor is a series of 10 topics that discuss all aspects of the job search process. This is the ninth article in the series.  To review any of the previous articles, go to our Home Page at

As the group gathered for this week’s session, there was an odd feel in the air since Brian would no longer be in the mentoring meetings.  The group members were excited for Brian, but sad to see him go.  Rob knew how the mentees were feeling since so many of the previous coffee house mentees had moved on after successfully landing a job.

Last week’s meeting was extremely valuable for the group as they learned the various types of interview questions and how to answer them.  Today’s session would be just as important since the group would cover how to conduct a successful job search campaign.

Rob wanted to get started right away because the topic they were discussing covered so much information.  He began by sharing the importance of being organized in your job search campaign.  He defined a job search campaign as an organized method to promote yourself to the organizations within your target market.  He went on to say that an effective job search campaign has five stages that include:

  1. Identifying the objective(s) of your job search campaign
  2. Identifying the target market you are going to pursue
  3. Knowing the promotional techniques you will use
  4. Having the promotional materials you need
  5. Knowing how you will monitor and evaluate the campaign

Rob began to explain each of these fives steps or stages by stating “From the previous mentoring sessions you have already developed three of the five steps of your job search campaign. You have established the objective(s) for your campaign – to promote yourself to the organizations within your target market.  You have also identified the organizations that are in your target market.  Finally, you have created your promotional materials – your resume, your Personal Sales Pitch, the cover letter, and your list of references.”

He continued by stating “you have also prepared yourself to be able to answer interview questions, to ask questions, and to tell stories through developing your Interview Preparation Form.  Therefore, you are now ready for the fourth step, to develop the promotional strategies and techniques that will be used in your job search campaign.”  One of the most important aspects of an effective job search campaign is for you to properly promote yourself to the organizations that are in your target market.  Promoting yourself is letting people know about you, about your skills and competencies, and about your interests. There are two basic ways in which you can promote yourself – through developing your brand image, and through networking.  He continued by saying that branding and networking are such big topics, and they include several strategies within each area, that the group would need to wait and discuss these topics on another day.

The fifth and final step in the job search process is for you to monitor and evaluate your campaign.  You will want to monitor your campaign to make sure you are staying on target for implementing your job search strategies.  You will then want to evaluate the effectiveness of each strategy.  Finally, you will want to keep any strategy that works and adjust any strategy that didn’t work.  Rob wrapped things up by saying “The bottom line is you need to be prepared and organized.  Remember, the job will go to the candidate who is best prepared and who effectively executes the basics of the job interview process.”  In all you do, you will want to EXECUTE FOR SUCCESS! 


Howard Gauthier is an Associate Professor of Athletic Administration at Idaho State University.  He is a former collegiate athletic director and collegiate basketball coach.  He is also an author of 9 books.  Check out his book, Getting Hired In College Sports – 2nd Edition at or his new book, Execute for Success, at


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