Is Your Work a Job, a Career or Your Calling?

By Dr. Howard Gauthier

If you’re reading my blog you’re most likely either working in sports or wanting to work in sports. It’s a great industry and it provides some outstanding opportunities for you to make a good living. For some, however, sports is more than just a job, it’s their calling.

Everyone needs a job. But a job is just a means to an end. It’s what you do for a living and it’s how you pay your bills and support yourself. With a job, you put in your time, collect a paycheck, don’t get too emotionally involved with the organization, and your job doesn’t interfere with your personal life.

A career, though, places a greater focus on advancing within the industry. It’s not just your job; it’s your desire to advance within the profession, to receive pay raises, to achieve more prestigious titles, to gain added responsibilities and power, and to climb the ladder within your profession. With a career comes more prestige and higher pay, but the downside is you work longer hours and you don’t have as much time for yourself outside of work.

It’s possible, however, that working in sports is so much bigger than a job or a career; it might be your calling and you were born to work in this profession. With a calling, you’re more likely to identify yourself with your work. It’s who you are and where you get your personal fulfillment. You are intertwined with your job and the people you serve. You work hard because you want to be the best you can be within your profession.

Researchers suggest that of these three job classifications, people who are pursuing their calling tend to report higher satisfaction in their work and life. So how do you view your work? Is your work a job, a career, or your calling? Ultimately you will be your best, most committed, and most successful, when you follow your dreams and follow your calling.


Howard Gauthier is an Associate Professor of Athletic Administration at Idaho State University. He is a former collegiate athletic director and collegiate basketball coach. He is also an author of 9 books. Check out his book, Getting Hired In College Sports – 2nd Edition at or his new book Execute for Success at


Follow Your Dreams Of Working In Sports

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  • How to properly prepare yourself for the five types of interview questions 
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